Mix it up!

Blue Corn Amaranth Baking Mix-Pancakes, Crepes or Cornbread

A delicious blend of organic blue cornmeal, organic amaranth and organic evaporated cane juice. No wheat flour added. This deep blue mix is light but substantial with excellent blue corn flavor laced with a nutty amaranth taste. Your choice of outstanding pancakes, crepes or cornbread. Also included are recipes for Blue Corn Coffee cake, Savory Dinner Pancakes and Peach Citrus Crepe Filling.

Blue Corn Poppy Seed Cookie Mix

Crisp buttery cookies made with organic blue cornmeal, organic wheat flour, sugar and full of poppy seeds are simple to make and sure to please everyone. Crunchy cookies with a unique and delightful blue corn flavor.

Sky Blue Corn Muffin Mix

These light, airy blue corn muffins are made with the best organic blue cornmeal, organic wheat flour and organic evaporated cane juice. Their lovely blue color and rich corn flavor are a tasty treat any time of day. Also included is a recipe for Sky Blue Corn Pancakes.