Mix it up!

All of our southwestern gift specialties come in your choice of either a beautiful handmade basket or a festive red gift box.

Brunch Bonanza - Perfect for a truly unique brunch or breakfast. Our new Southwest Pancake Sampler - 5 oz bags of Blue Corn Amaranth, Golden Mesquite and Chocolate Spice Pancake Mix - nestled in a beautiful handmade basket or box. Serve the colorful pancakes with the two delicious South western syrups, Mesquite Bean Syrup and Prickly Pear Cactus Syrup, included. Also tucked in is a bag of Spicy Chile Hot Chocolate Mix. Sip a steaming hot cup with your meal.

Desert Dessert Delight - Three favorite Southwest desserts are tucked into your choice of basket or box. Melt-in-the mouth Chile Chocolate Brownie Mix (mild unless you request Fiery Habanero), divine Golden Mesquite Cookie Mix and flavorful Blue Corn Poppy Seed Cookie Mix make this a truly unique gift. No one will be able to resist these mouthwatering treats.

Fiery Chile - Our best and hottest for that special chile lover on your gift list. Ablaze with Fiery Habanero Brownie Mix, red-hot Habanero Hot Chocolate and Sweet Chipotle Chile Scone Mix with Raspberry Chipotle Jam. These enticing mixes practically singe your choice of basket or box.

For a less combustible version, request the "Sweet Chile" with mild Chile Chocolate Brownie Mix, Spicy Chile Hot Chocolate, and Sweet Chipotle Chile Scone Mix with jam.

Sonoran Supper - This unique gift comes with a one pound bag of Blue Corn Posole and Heirloom Bean Mix with 2 Catarina Chiles tucked in. An easy recipe for a succulent chili soup is included. Serve the chili with a piping hot pan of Blue Corn Amaranth Cornbread, baking mix included. To top off this scrumptious supper, serve delectable Chile Chocolate Brownies. Mild brownie mix will be included unless you request Fiery Habanero.

Our lidded giftbaskets are handmade by the Tarahumara Indians of Northwest Mexico. They are woven from bear grass and/or sotol and each one is unique. Sizes vary, but each basket will be approximately nine to ten inches in diameter and five to six inches high.

Feel free to substitute mixes of your choice in the baskets.