Mix it up!

I have lived in Tucson, Arizona, for thirty-four years. Over those years I have developed a great interest in and love for the native wild foods and traditional agricultural crops of the greater Southwest.

For thirteen years I worked for Native Seeds/SEARCH, a nonprofit organization that works to conserve Southwestern native crops and their wild relatives. During this time, I designed many recipes to help people learn how to cook with tasty and nutritious native foods such as beans, squash, corn, mesquite, amaranth, chia, herbs, and chilies. Along with these recipes I also created mixes for busy but aspiring cooks.

Now I have my own business, Bake Mixes by Junie, specializing in quality dry baking mixes using Southwest ingredients. Chile powders and flakes, blue cornmeal, mesquite meal, native herbs, and puffed amaranth make these baked goods unique. Each mix includes a description and a brief history of the distinctive Southwest foods used. Each mix contains as many organic flours, meals, herbs and spices as possible.